Featured Research

3D Printed Scaffolds for Dynamic Stem Cell Coculture

This project aims to develop a method for 3D printing a biomaterial for the expansion and differentiation of cocultured mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cells.

Hybrid Biomaterials for Vascular Remodeling

This project focuses on the development of hybrid materials consisting of ECM proteins and polymer components to build a material for use in surgical reconstruction of major vessels.

3D Printed Bioengineering Placenta Model to Study Preeclampsia

We believe that our bioengineered placenta model will be a powerful tool for researchers to test and to develop novel treatments for preeclampsia that could revolutionize the field.

Engineered Articular Cartilage

This project utilizes 3D printing technology and surface modification to develop advanced biomimetic cartilaginous construct that contains unique pattern for each zone to recapitulate the structural and mechanical cues of the native cartilage and thus induce the desired cellular response.

Transport Across the Placenta

We are currently working towards a tissue engineered model of the placenta, recapitulating key regulatory features of placental transport, in order to better understand how some of these molecules may pass through.

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